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A Bridge Across Time
Rating: 0.00
A Bridge Across Time is Aedhon first CD, released after 4 years of work. It blends many different musical influences into a dynamic, complex and evolving soundscape, inspired by the flowing of time in a change of seasons, colors and sounds. The peculiarity of Aedhon music stands in the evolving, always mutating melody line, which leaves few space for refrains, as one idea...   read all
Release date: 06.02.2012 Genre: New Age Label: Unsigned
Cutis Anserina
Christian Maucery
Rating: 0.00
Acoustic original folk/blues music with a country flavor. Solo artist Christian Maucery plays all the following instruments : Vocals / autoharp / dobro guitar / pedal steel guitar / harmonica / jews harp / musical saw / washboard / rain stick, goat hoof shaker, rattlesnake tails, tambourine and other percussions... Recorded on the 27th and 28th of june and on the 12th of...   read all
Release date: 16.09.2013 Genre: Folk Label: Unsigned
Rating: 0.00
Crowfish are a part of Bulgaria's first league of the independent music scene.Formed in 1997 Varna, Bulgaria they stick to their musical roots and always manage to find niches to realize their ideas and their catching style of music. "A recommendable punk-rock record for all of you who do not think in fixed categories" (KASINO-ROYAL.DE) Varna-based Bulgarian band...   read all
Release date: 20.07.2009 Genre: Alternative Label: AMAdea Records
Infinite Fiction
In A Split Second
Rating: 0.00
Beautifully worked instrumental backing provides the perfect platform for the wonderful lead vocals in Infinite Fiction. Comparisons to Enya and Clannad are inevitable, as the track achieves a similar spacey New Age feel. Highland Dervish blends Dub bass lines, New Age digitally delayed electric guitar and Celtic folk influences to create an interesting mix of seemingly...   read all
Release date: 17.04.2010 Genre: New Age Label: PeaceWorkMusicNet
Doomsday Kid. Diaries
Rating: 9.99
" Doomsday Kid. Diaries " is a debut album by the band P.I.Light. It consists of 11 songs with electronica intro and outro (noise sounds made by The Forest). The album is very eclectic: alternative, metal, experimental, electronic. Heavy sound. Apocalyptic fiction and outer space music. Tale of an alien kid from dying planet. All vocals performed by the female...   read all
Release date: 29.05.2010 Genre: Alternative Label: AMAdea Records
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