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Cursed EP
Rating: 9.99
Simplefast- Cursed EP It's the debut music album of the Greek metal band, Simplefast. Below there are some reviews of the album with an average rating of 85/100: [5/5] [85/100] [8.5/10]...   read all
Release date: 23.05.2016 Genre: Metal Label: Unsigned
I'm Not A Bad Girl
Vero Sego
Rating: 0.00
Shimmering guitars, summery, Beatlesque harmonies shine, and the world is a happier place to be when Vero sings on your stereo.   read all
Release date: 08.03.2010 Genre: Pop Label: PeaceWorkMusicNet
A Bridge Across Time
Rating: 0.00
A Bridge Across Time is Aedhon first CD, released after 4 years of work. It blends many different musical influences into a dynamic, complex and evolving soundscape, inspired by the flowing of time in a change of seasons, colors and sounds. The peculiarity of Aedhon music stands in the evolving, always mutating melody line, which leaves few space for refrains, as one idea...   read all
Release date: 06.02.2012 Genre: New Age Label: Unsigned
Christian Maucery
Rating: 0.00
Christian Maucery is a musician from France. He has traveled the world extensively and lived in Canada,USA and Australia for many years where he discovered all the musical instruments he plays on this CD : the dobro guitar, the autoharp, the pedal steel guitar, the harmonica and the jews harp. Christian sings in French and english and plays solo concerts. His acoustic...   read all
Release date: 15.12.2011 Genre: Folk Label: Unsigned
Interrogate This
Attack With Style
Rating: 0.00
"Interrogate This" Features A Powerful Fusion of Metal, Acoustic and Lead Guitar Harmony Based Instrumentals, That Have Been Passionately Created From The Artist " Ian Cahill " - AKA " Attack With Style " The album "Interrogate This" which is released 2010, is an instrumental Epic That features intense empathic heart injected Lead...   read all
Release date: 10.07.2010 Genre: Rock Label: AMAdea Records
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