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Rating: 9.99
The new album of Sleepwalker - "Amenti" approves a private style and incredible sound "Sleepwalker". An ingenious composition elements and inovatory approach create an impressive and rememberable sound picture. A tender blend of low and high acoustic guitar lines with a soaring wordless vocals moving in and out of the background, noble tones of Native...   read all
Release date: 12.01.2008 Genre: New Age Label: AMAdea Records
Jonas Kroon
Rating: 9.99
Jonas Kroon is a Norwegian composer creating cinematic music with a blend of world, electronic and orchestral elements. Melo is his debut album, and a gateway into a world of dramatic scenes, beautiful melodies and exotic vocals.   read all
Release date: 01.05.2011 Genre: New Age Label: AMAdea Records
Infinite Fiction
In A Split Second
Rating: 0.00
Beautifully worked instrumental backing provides the perfect platform for the wonderful lead vocals in Infinite Fiction. Comparisons to Enya and Clannad are inevitable, as the track achieves a similar spacey New Age feel. Highland Dervish blends Dub bass lines, New Age digitally delayed electric guitar and Celtic folk influences to create an interesting mix of seemingly...   read all
Release date: 17.04.2010 Genre: New Age Label: PeaceWorkMusicNet
A Bridge Across Time
Rating: 0.00
A Bridge Across Time is Aedhon first CD, released after 4 years of work. It blends many different musical influences into a dynamic, complex and evolving soundscape, inspired by the flowing of time in a change of seasons, colors and sounds. The peculiarity of Aedhon music stands in the evolving, always mutating melody line, which leaves few space for refrains, as one idea...   read all
Release date: 06.02.2012 Genre: New Age Label: Unsigned
Eternal Love
Rating: 0.00
"Fable" is a debut album by Eternal Love made as a Great fusion of chill out, ambient, new age and electronic music. It sounds like Enigma, Vangelis, Schiller, but author prefer to describe his style as a Music of Love. The "Fable" album was released in digital stores in 2013. There were a lot of Great moments on the way to this CD version: such as...   read all
Release date: 12.02.2014 Genre: New Age Label: Unsigned
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