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Rating: 9.00
Stef's first album "Outspoken" was produced in 2009 by Svetoslav Mihaylov. Despite her classical training, the young singer has been passionate about rock music and has been mastering her vocal skills since the age of fifteen. She has an extensive list of contest participation and awards and has won the first place prize in the "Burgas and the Sea"...   read all
Release date: 21.01.2010 Genre: Pop Label: AMAdea Records
I'm Not A Bad Girl
Vero Sego
Rating: 0.00
Shimmering guitars, summery, Beatlesque harmonies shine, and the world is a happier place to be when Vero sings on your stereo.   read all
Release date: 08.03.2010 Genre: Pop Label: PeaceWorkMusicNet
Rating: 0.00
Belgrade band Alfapop was founded in 2008 by 4 multi-talented people, with an array of musical experience in various musical styles. Their wish was to breathe fresh energy into the Serbian musical landscape. The name Alfapop derives from the band's desire to create a powerful and compelling sound, alpha referring to the most aggressive and prominent form of pop. With a...   read all
Release date: 26.08.2010 Genre: Pop Label: AMAdea Records
Seven Days In Heaven
D' Family and Friends
Rating: 0.00
The vehement friendship between four young musicians inspired their newly launched album "Seven Days In Heaven" (2009). The band "D' Family & Friends" rocked the studio led by the irrational feeling that something unique is about to be born. It proved right the moment they started playing: this first album is an expression of their sense of freedom,...   read all
Release date: 20.09.2010 Genre: Pop Label: AMAdea Records
Garrison Field
Rating: 0.00
Buffed and polished rock with a classic sheen reminiscent of some of the past greats but with a modern hue that must be experienced.   read all
Release date: 10.11.2010 Genre: Pop Label: PeaceWorkMusicNet
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