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A Tear For Kursk
Rating: 0.00
"A Tear For Kursk" is Sleepwalker's tribute to the Russian submarine that sank in the icy Baltic waters, killing all hands on board. This is a single track CD with emotive, flowing strings, processional snare drum, acoustic guitar, piano and spoken voice. A soaring female vocal line periodically rises to operatic heights billowing above everything - sonar pings...   read all
Release date: 21.12.2005 Genre: Soundtrack Label: AMAdea Records
Return to Nature
Rating: 0.00
“Return to Nature” is an original film-documentary soundtrack written and composed by Sleepwalker for Algerian based filming studio facility - “Kawakib Cinema Production”. The Documentary represent the wild nature in a very beautiful lake of Reghaia, classified in Ramsar Convention list. The development of the industry in that area causes huge pollution and if the...   read all
Release date: 12.09.2011 Genre: Soundtrack Label: AMAdea Records
Tales From Middle-Earth
Rating: 0.00
Aresius is a musical project created by bulgarian composer Georgi Tachev, inspired by the ancient history, myths and fantasy novels. His music is epic and dramatic, but also very melodic. It's a blend of soundtrack and ethno music. The journey begins with the debut album "Tales From Middle-Earth", inspired by amazing novel "The Lord Of The Rings".    read all
Release date: 14.12.2013 Genre: Soundtrack Label: Unsigned
Inner Silence
Arkadiusz Reikowski
Rating: 0.00
Inner Silence delves deep into your soul. By pulling the strings of dark, emotional tones it evokes thoughts we had never expected we could have. The album blends suggestive ambient soundscapes with melodic themes inspired by the works of Kenji Kawai and the musical scores from “Silent Hill” and “Siren: The Blood Curse”. Each of eleven meticulously composed...   read all
Release date: 20.04.2012 Genre: Soundtrack Label: Unsigned
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