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Bard's Fly
Dimo Mitchev
Rating: 0.00
The music of Dimo Mitchev blends elements of Celtic, Renaissance and New Age styles using traditional classical instruments to create a sound at once soothing and evocative. His debut album "Bard's Fly" is very well thought out in form, structure, character and an enchanting feature with each track that seemed to take you deeper and deeper into the world of the...   read all
Release date: 07.02.2008 Genre: World Label: AMAdea Records
Un Nuevo Estilo
Still Alive
Rating: 0.00
This talented Columbian group is made up of four male members- Sunday, Bigday, RJ and the youngest Makliky. Descending from a family filled with musical talent, not only do they write but they also produce and arrange their own music. Their music is unlike your average reggaeton sound. Not only does their mixture include Hip-Hop, but also the different sounds of Latin music,...   read all
Release date: 10.09.2010 Genre: World Label: Patro'n Records
Irian Jaya
Eleven Shadows
Rating: 0.00
Tribal ambient groove. Seductive, organic rhythms combine with shimmering atmospheres and female vocalizations to form a sensual soundtrack that your lover will thank you for! One of the songs, "Kombai", has been included on the Slumberland II compilation released on Waveform Records.   read all
Release date: 15.06.2010 Genre: World Label: PeaceWorkMusicNet
Lot Lorien
Lot Lorien
Rating: 9.99
"Lot Lorien" is the third album released by the band. The album started as a project with friends and turned into album with many guest appearances. Recording it was a big challenge for the band, as it was the first test for their newly equipped home studio, but the album was successfully recorded and mixed. As the previous releases, the music and some of the lyrics...   read all
Release date: 18.09.2009 Genre: World Label: AMAdea Records
Live in Ohrid (feat....
Lot Lorien
Rating: 9.99
"Live in Ohrid" features the great bulgarian kaval player Theodosii Spassov (famous worldwide as both folklore and jazz musician, using great number of interesting instruments and playing techniques). In the summer of 2003, Lot Lorien were invited to play at "Balkan Square Festival" in Ohrid/Republic of Macedonia. This was the first collaboration with...   read all
Release date: 30.09.2009 Genre: World Label: AMAdea Records
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