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Cursed EP
Rating: 9.99
Simplefast- Cursed EP It's the debut music album of the Greek metal band, Simplefast. Below there are some reviews of the album with an average rating of 85/100: [5/5] [85/100] [8.5/10]...   read all
Release date: 23.05.2016 Genre: Metal Label: Unsigned
Rating: 0.00
This is the second album of the Greek metal band Simplefast. After the success of "Cursed", Simplefast take it to the next level with a crushing new album. (Featuring Pain, The Escape, Not Coming Home) 10 track album that's gonna blow your mind!   read all
Release date: 19.05.2017 Genre: Metal Label: Unsigned
The World Only Ends When...
Rating: 0.00
"The World Only Ends When You're Dead" is the third record after the debut "Bleeding Wounds" from 2007 and the follow-up "The Prose Of Existence" from 2009. The sound is clear and powerful and let you feel the energy flowing out of the band's music. And what about the music itself? Well, all eleven tracks on this album are filled with heavy yet...   read all
Release date: 15.02.2011 Genre: Metal Label: AMAdea Records
Drawbacks & Benefits
Mindfold Express
Rating: 9.99
Drawbacks & Benefits is the debut CD from the bulgarian based instrumental metal trio Mindfold Express. It features low tuned syncopated riffing and complex drum patterns, a formula used by bands as Meshuggah, Textures, Periphery, layered with guitar solos, ambient soundscapes and trip hop flashes. The CD features a guest appearance by Tymon Kruidenier, guitarist for Cynic...   read all
Release date: 05.11.2010 Genre: Metal Label: AMAdea Records
Not Blond Enough To...
Rating: 9.99
Fyeld managed to get a solid following among the open minded metal fans with their categorization defying mixture of aggressive Machine Head/Slipknot/Downset-esque singing and rapping-meets-hard-hitting-riffs closest to the style of early Korn and Helmet mixed with groovy big beats electronics and uncompromising attitude. Developing their own and unique style they call...   read all
Release date: 26.04.2010 Genre: Metal Label: AMAdea Records
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