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Diva TV, The Album
DIVA (Keldamuzik)
Rating: 0.00
Label: AMAdea Records
Release date: 30 September 2010
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Country: United States
Format: CD-R watershield/CD Box
No of CDs: 1
Tracks: 12
Cat No.: AR00054
Track List
1. Power Trippin - 3:33
2. I Don't Care - 3:44
3. Yip Yap (Original) - 2:58
4. Ninja Style - 4:20
5. Wind Blow - 4:06
6. Club Song - 4:44
7. Yip Yap - 3:48
8. The Merge - 4:06
9. Boo Thang - 4:22
10. Thirsty - 3:51
11. Dig it - 4:38
12. Superdome - 3:58

Total CD-R watershield/CD Box length: 48:08
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Through millions of years since time began, music has existed and evolved to bring the art of storytelling to the world, the origins of what is Hip Hop but through its development, a special force comes along to redefine and reshape these arts thus raising the bar of its present reality. Through the years since music became an industry there have been sad years that music will lose its artistry and flare ..But then a special force comes along to set music back on its edge, a something special that sets itself apart and brings flavor again.

Keldamuzik is that Special Force, A Diva Force! She is the Sassy but Classy, Classy but Edgy, Spitzress, Prima Donna, and Rap Goddess of Hip Hop, and the entertainment world with a "Diva Swagger" that is a special force that has to be seen and heard through her many enigmatic entertainment facets. From the artistic facet commentary where she with her self created "Diva TV"
( highlights the daily grind of every artist where she is featured and takes you on a journey and Hip Hop journal from California Bay Popular to being Universally Fabulous, to the social facet commentary with her "Diva Project" that empowers young women to succeed. This special force called "KeldaMuzik the Diva" further embellishes these commentaries with a dynamic fresh look that's both feminine and stylish but yet personifies the strength of all tough, enterprising and independent young women, as she demonstrates in her two hit singles "Get up and Get it" and "Girlfriend".

This special force is seen and heard through her showmanship, a vibrant regal energy with a sexy smile that gets you dancing but also reaches down into your soul as she step off the stage into the audience and looks you dead in the eyes as if she's telling her story directly to you, these qualities is what makes her a star. This is especially demonstrated when she spits fire with powerful lyrics and a lyrical delivery that has tonality and colorful expressiveness and not your average screaming on a microphone over a too much bass distorted beat that over powers the Hip Hop lyrics and the Hip Hop artist.

On top of her lyrical genius, and excellent persona, she also has the business and marketing savvy that has propelled her to become not just a great artist, not just a future asset to the music game but a genuine Divinely Inspired Versatile Artist! DIVA!
The Music, The Performances, The Showmanship, The Sales, The Lyrics, The Swagger, The Shows, The Clothes, The Credits, The Fans, The Viewers, The Listeners, The Buyers, all speak for KeldaMuzik! These are the facts that make KeldaMuzik marketable, a star, and cut above the rest! Bottom Line?, Keldamuzik a.k.a. Diva of Hip Hop and the entertainment world has arrived to set the world on its ear and the entertainment world on fire!
Excellence in one word! This album - "Diva TV, The Album" can definitely change the way women are viewed as a whole. Kelda Williams has the world in the palm of her hand and from the rhymes and lyrics she uses, a defined beginning for the feminine being as a Rap/Hip-Hop artist. She clearly promotes this enthusiastic encouragement towards expressing thoughts and meaning. True talent...keeps it up! Well Done!
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA
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